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Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) (Personal Computers) Review

What costumer say about Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) (Personal Computers) ?

A paradigm shift in the role of a portable computing device. - A review of the new $ 249 Google Chrome Book

Google has introduced a new portable computer - they call it the perfect additional computer - and I see it as a paradigm shift in the role of a portable computing device.

The new Samsung Chrome Book has an 11.6-inch full color display. It weights 2.42 lbs and is .7 inches thin. It has a battery life of over 6.5 hours and runs on a Samsung Dual processor with 100 GB of online Google Drive space. It features a web cam with USB and HDMI ports and is Bluetooth compatible. It runs the Chrome OS, which means it has Google apps built in, and is priced at $249.

I think it's one of the most remarkable product introductions I've seen in my 35 years working in the PC industry.

This new Chrome Book re-defines what a portable computer can do and how it can be used, and is completely based on the concept of Cloud Computing . It works right out of the box, has no moving parts, and has built-in anti-virus protection.

Google has created a complete infrastructure for cloud computing; Google Chrome browser for surfing the web, Google email, online google docs application software compatible with MS Office apps, google drive to store whatever documents you want in the cloud, free downloadable apps such as google voice for phone calls and video conferencing with webcam, and dozens of other applications. And of course the Google Search Engine. All the software you need is in the Google Cloud.

I've had 5 portable computers over the years and I bought each one to be an additional computer to my office computers. But now you don't need a bulky expensive laptop computer with a big hard disk and Microsoft Office installed on it.

I had also bought an IPad as a possible new portable computing device. Trying to use my Ipad for email and type on the glass was maddening. I couldn't get it to print as I didn't have an Apple Airprint compatible printer, and I was shocked to learn that I could only buy music and media through Apple Itunes.

I could easily print to any of my printers with the Chrome Book, it has a great real keyboard, and I can buy anything from anywhere - Amazon or whatever vendor I can get the best prices from.
Placed side by side, The Macbook Air and The Google Chrome Book look almost like twins in design, keyboard and screen size.

With the Chrome Book, I can surf the web, watch Youtube videos, play games, check my email, video chat, make free phone calls, and If I want to create a letter or a spreadsheet I just use Google docs and I can store them online in Google drive. If there are files on my main computers I want to be able to access with my Chrome Book, I can upload those files to my online Google drive, and be able to access and edit them.

The new Samsung Chrome Book defines the new world of Cloud Computing and provides virtually everyone easy access to this world at an astoundingly low price. I also feel that many people could use this as their only computing device.

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