Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

HP 2000-2b19wm 15.6-Inch Laptop PC (Winter Blue) (Personal Computers) Review

What costumer say about HP 2000-2b19wm 15.6-Inch Laptop PC (Winter Blue) (Personal Computers) ?

I am Happy with this computer - I ordered this computer about a week ago and I was pleasantly surprised that it was shipped in 2 days and arrived in 4 days from the day or ordering. I was apprehensive about Windows 8, so I read up on it a little in Wikepedia. When the computer arrived I was able to start it right away once it got pugged in and learned how to use Windows 8 in 2 days . It is fast and I am glad I did not settle for a tablet ,instead. For the price I paid I am really happy and I called for and received good tech support from HP in a prompt and efficient manner. I strongly recommend it .

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