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Acer C720P Chromebook (11.6-Inch Touchscreen, Haswell micro-architecture, 2GB) (Personal Computers) Review

What costumer say about Acer C720P Chromebook (11.6-Inch Touchscreen, Haswell micro-architecture, 2GB) (Personal Computers) ?

Pixel for the masses - I love this little computer. I had one of the older samsung Chromebooks based off the original CR-48 Chromebook. It showed me that I could be productive, but the performance left a lot to be desired. Video's stuttered, sometimes network performance was slow and on occasion it would lock up for a few minutes. Fast forward to this little gem...

The ACER's screen is about the same size as the Samsung's 12" screen, the color of the Samsung is warmer and better, and the keyboard keys of the Samsung feel firmer and make for a better typing experience but that's where its advantages end. The Acer is faster, shows youtube 1440HD video without stuttering, I can open as many tabs as I need, and although I WANT the 4GB of memory, from the earlier Acer, I am really not missing/noticing the any performance lapse because of the reduced memory. As a matter of fact the ACER outperforms the Samsung on every level except the afore mentioned keyboard/screen quality.

The acer has Bluetooth, USB 3.0, SD card slot AND 32GB SSD, and a touch screen. I thought the touch screen was a bit gimmicky initially but after you find a few Google Apps that use it you see that the touch screen has real value. Most notably apps like "Cut the Rope" where getting the right motion/timing is important. Its so useful that when I use my Samsung again I find I miss not having the touch screen for scrolling through pictures, and opening apps, etc...

Microsoft really, really needs to be nervous about Google, and its Chromebooks, especially now that some of the apps like Google Docs and games like Cut the Rope, can be used without a network. Add the bonus of 2 years of 100GB of storage ($120), 10 gogo passes ($100+) and one extra month of google music ($10), and the hardware is pretty much free. Also Google continues to update the OS. My older Samsung is at the same software revision as the Acer C720P. On the Samsung I would notice a slowness with the computer when the updates were downloading, on the Acer I notice no such slowness. As a matter of fact when I see the update sign at the bottom of the screen, I stop what I am doing and reboot so that I can see the new, sometimes subtle goodies/features from Google. This beats the pants off of a MS update, which while automatic will reboot my pc with a 15 minute warning, whether I am ready or not. Simply put the chromebooks are very very easy to live with.

Anyrate, if could only have two devices this would be the second one after my Android phone. Yes I like this better than the tablets I have.

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